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Rock and Soul Revue in Portland with our man Mel!

Looking good in Portland!

Mel and a friend on his trip!

Average White Band gets it started!

Michael Mcdonald belts a tune!

The boys rock in Portland!

Great shot, Mel!

T-Bone rocks out!

Everyone, take a bow!


By Mel Ajero

Late in the afternoon, I went barhopping in Portland with Beth (ParkAveGirl), Debbie (NorthBeachInTheCity) and Curtis, who was kind enough to drive us around in his limo prior to heading out to the Memorial Coliseum.

Arrived there sometime after 5:45 p.m. and headed to the venue. Didn't bother to tuck away my camera in my pants, since the last few shows I've attended have given me no problems whatsoever. Security was very lax throughout the night and didn't pose a problem. Woo hoo!

Checked out the souvenir stand and noticed some new items--an H & O long sleeved shirt, a Daryl Hall t-shirt...both items looked very cool, but passed on them for the time being. Did not see any CDs of Our Kind Of Soul. I headed for my seat, down in the front row where Jeff Catania and John Oates usually play. Managed to take photos of some people I've met for the first time...forgive me if I've forgotten your names, but I met Mariam (evrybdy), Kim (Gaga), Val (valndan), Jeano The Manager, etc. Security came to us and asked us kindly to put away our cameras, but I knew once the show got started, there would be no problems.

Average White Band hits the stage shortly after 6:30 p.m. and definitely got the crowd going, kicking off their awesome set with "The Jugglers", followed by "Got The Love", "I'm The One", "In The Beginning", "Cut The Cake", "Walk On By", "Cloudy" and "Person To Person" before Charlie DeChant and Eliot Lewis joined them on "Pick Up The Pieces". Crowd stood up as they were fired up for that one and the band got a standing ovation at the end. If you're heading to Everett, WA tonight, don't miss the Average White Band!

Talked to some more people during the intermission and noticed that security wasn't anywhere in the vicinity of the stage area, but I had a feeling that no one wanted to chance it. Michael McDonald soon hits the stage and he kicks things off with the Doobie Brothers classic "It Keeps You Runnin'". Got back to my seat and watched his set from where I originally was sitting in. Crowd was really into his set, which included "Sweet Freedom", "I Keep Forgettin'", "Reach Out (I'll Be There)", "All In Love Is Fair", "Minute By Minute", "No Love To Be Found" (duet with drummer Yvette "Baby Girl" Preyer), "Yah Mo B There" (another duet with Yvette), "I Heard It Through The Grapevine", "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing" before closing with "Takin' It To The Streets" as he did a duet with his backing singer Drea Rhenee. Crowd was definitely into his set and kudos to Michael and his band for a terrific performance.

Next intermission and I manage to meet up with a bunch of folks close to the stage area and told those around me to kind of hang around the area because I knew that we were gonna be able to stand up against the stage. So I plant myself at somewhat the midway point of the stage and took my coat off  as it was getting awfully warm down there. Kim (Gaga) and Beth had a spot directly in front of Daryl, while I had a perfect spot where I was more directly in front of both Daryl & John. The lights dim and MFSB's "TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)" plays through the speakers and gets everyone riled up. The band hits the stage, followed by Daryl & John as they play along to "The Sound Of Philadelphia" before getting into their set. Here's the setlist for the Portland Memorial Coiseum last night...slightly different list (for me at least) this time around:

Out Of Touch
Say It Isn't So
I'll Be Around
She's Gone
Love TKO
Sara Smile
I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling

Encore (All 17 members of Average White Band, Michael McDonald and his band and Daryl & John and the band return for the all star jam.) This is where it gets to be fun!

Work To Do (vocals shared by Daryl, John, Michael McDonald and Alan Gorrie)
Kiss On My List (vocals shared by Daryl and Michael McDonald)
What A Fool Believes (vocals shared by Daryl, John and Michael McDonald)
Since I Lost My Baby (vocals shared by Daryl, John, Michael McDonald and Alan Gorrie)
You Make My Dreams (vocals shared by Daryl and Michael McDonald)
Love Train (vocals shared by Daryl, John, Michael McDonald and Klyde Jones)

Good crowd in Portland, though at times I wondered if people behind our section were into it at all. "I'll Be Around" sounds fabulous live. Daryl probably put on one of his best performances during "Love TKO". And hearing "Love Train" live for the first time in 16 years was simply breathtaking to say the least and a great way to end the night of rock & soul. Managed to get high fives from Daryl, John and Michael McDonald.

Except for that one little time before the whole show started, security pretty much left us alone there and gave us absolutely no hassle whatsoever. Another roll of film used up...took some excellent shots and hope to get them posted by the end of the week.

Left at around 10:45 p.m. and Beth, Debbie and I went out to a nightclub for some more partying. Still feeling the effects of jet lag as my head was still on Eastern Time, I continued to have some more fun, knowing that I had to head to Everett, WA the next day for the final Rock & Soul Revue show.

My 12th show for the year 2004 is in the can. Later this morning, I am heading up (yep, in the limo again) to the Seattle area for the Everett, WA show...hope to see you there. I have a feeling that tonight will be a very special night for everyone!