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We are in the process of changing the look and style of our photo gallery, so some shots are missing, while some new ones are added. Never fear! The old ones are being redone so they can be bigger and more appropriate to our gallery. We appreciate your patience!
New Photos Below!

redsuit.jpg (99548 bytes)
Red definitely suits Daryl!

msnbc.jpg (80067 bytes)
The guys share a laugh and vote for Kerry!
photocourtesy hallandoates.com

john_close.jpg (54045 bytes)
John surveys the scene at the Rock 'n Soul Revue tour!

final_seattle_1.jpg (52946 bytes)
Taking a bow at the last show!

daryl_red_2.jpg (54047 bytes)
Again, Daryl looks good in red!

hidingboys.jpg (75385 bytes)
What are the boys hiding from?

84look.jpg (120776 bytes)
This is a great 80's shot of the boys!

john84.jpg (119919 bytes)
John performs for his fans!

darylbelt.jpg (59713 bytes)
Can Daryl belt it or what?

silhouetteboys.jpg (49101 bytes)
I love this shot, it's very beautiful!

canadadrybigad.jpg (104807 bytes)
This is a great ad and hard to find! Enjoy!

grouphuddle.jpg (54469 bytes)
The group has a powwow before their show!

songwritersgroup.jpg (21043 bytes)
Brian McKnight, Rob Thomas, Daryl and John pose after the Songwriters Hall of Fame awards ceremony!

strikingposin.jpg (18134 bytes)
This picture is just too cute!

oldportrait.jpg (96595 bytes)
This great old shot is the boys in their prime in the 70's!

whiteshirt.jpg (26871 bytes)
A very 80's pose, I love the shirt!

wink.jpg (28356 bytes)
I believe this was at the American Music Awards, great jackets!

smmmokin.jpg (146331 bytes)
You can't get much more 80's than this!

darylandcow.jpg (70883 bytes)
Daryl and a cow, only Daryl could pull this off!

blueguys.jpg (28271 bytes)
I like this shot, but gave it a bit of a blue hue!

daryl_pensive.jpg (153279 bytes)
Daryl looks lost in thought here!

daryl_quote.jpg (594372 bytes)
Daryl performs and shares a quote!

h20program_2.jpg (140360 bytes)
John in the h20 days!

soundlife.jpg (570643 bytes)
A great cover of our two guys!

h20tilltuesday.jpg (307437 bytes)
Hall and Oates and Til Tuesday on tour in the 80's!