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Bringing it All Together!
Please welcome Lori Allred, Fan Club President!

Lori had the oh, so tough task of being sandwiched between the guys!
We're not feeling sorry for you there!;)

Putting together a fan club is by no means an easy task, but even harder when you are following the greatest duo in the history of pop music! Lori Allred does just that, and with style and grace over at the official site, http://www.hallandoates.com! We sat down with her and found out what got her started on this path, how she got a hold of the title Rock and Soul International, or RSI as it's better known, and how they got the attention of Hall and Oates themselves, plus what the future holds for the fan club. Read more about Lori and her wonderful work below!

Mariam: First off, we love Hall and Oates, and you definitely love Hall and Oates. ;) What made you decide to go that extra step and start a fan club? What was the route that got you to the place you are now?

Lori: It was actually the idea of a "Hall & Oates friend" I had in high school. It was 1987 and there was just nothing H&O going on! I had some Pen Pals from around the country after running an ad in "Star Hits" magazine, so we put together a little fan newsletter and sent it to about 8 people! We stole the "Rock & Soul International" title from a Cinemax special, and were terrified we would get sued for copyright infringement!

Mariam: Was this an independent fan club when you started it, or did you just become affiliated with it?

Lori: Guess that's answered!

Mariam: What steps did you take to make the move to an official club?

Lori: We didn't really take any steps at all! One of those pen pals had the 2nd issue on her when she happened to meet Daryl in Greenwich Village . She asked him to sign it, and he asked if he could keep it! Next thing we knew, we got a letter from Champion Entertainment, asking to be on our mailing list and offering assistance with information. It just grew from there. There were two "official" fan clubs that were recognized by the guys: RSI and Norma Parry's UK-based club, "In Touch".

Mariam: How long have you been doing this and how long have you been a fan as well?

Lori: I've been a fan since 1981 and started RSI in 1987.

Mariam: What have been some of the most rewarding things about this and what are some of the most challenging things?

Lori: Ooh, is that a trick question?!  Um, getting to help support people you really believe in and are loyal to is really cool. A lot of motivation there! I also love to share my H&O stories, pix, and totally useless knowledge with other fans because I AM a fan, when you break it all down. The most challenging thing is not being able to please all the people all the time. Unfortunately, I still try to actually DO that, even though I know it's not possible! It can definitely lead to frustration! Trying to always be "tactful" is another challenge!

Mariam: How do Hall and Oates feel about your work? Have you been able to talk with them about the club and gotten their involvement?

Lori: They are really supportive!! I don't think they really realized the importance and impact of the internet for a long time. They've definitely figured that out in the past few years! I think they are really impressed with how much the fan base has grown and changed because of it. They have an entirely new group of fans now than they had just a few years ago. It's odd to me when people ask what RSI is, or weren't even around for the Marigold Sky tour, because to me that is recent history! Then I realize I'm just getting old! LOL!

Mariam: What are some things you are looking forward to creating in the next year for fans? What's coming up on the site?

Lori: Honestly, I have no clue! All of the things that come up happen randomly (i.e. getting people into Live By Request, or the party at BB King's in January. None of that stuff is planned out - it just comes up and we run with it! Definitely more videos, interviews, audio, contests, etc. with the new album coming together and huge tour coming up!

To learn more about Hall and Oates and see Lori's creation, go to http://www.hallandoates.com
Thank you so much, Lori! Hall and Oates fans appreciate all the hard work that you have done!